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The Cutest French Dog Names

If you’ve ever thought that naming dogs is easy, try one with your new pet. And you might go “no one cares” what you call your pet. Maybe no one does, but dog names could say a thing or two about how creative the owners are. With French dog names, beauty and sophistication are assured. What’s more, they are romantic and exotic and would perfectly fit your new pups.

There are various inspirations for picking a dog’s name. For some do owners, the names that honor the breed’s country of origin does the magic. In the case that you have a French breed like Briard, Poodle, Dogue de Bordeaux, or French Bulldog, there are many names to choose from. French is a special language, in that, it the language of love. This makes any name sound more adorable or important, more sophisticated or fancier.

Of course, you do not have to have a French breed to pick a French name. The names featured in this post are perfect for any breed. In addition to this, they are fun to say. I’ve added the meaning and also distinguished the male names from the female ones.

Cute French Female Dog Names

Adele– noble

Aimée– beloved, friend

Alair– cheerful

Allette– winged

Adelaide- nobility

Adrienne- from the city of Hadira

Adieu- goodbye

Agathe- kind

Agnès- pure

Amélie- hard working

Amoureux– lover

Anaïs- gracious

Anastasie- resurrection

Angeline- angel

Antoinette- beyond praise

Audrey- noble strength

Aurélie- golden

Babou- metro

Bearnaise – a rich sauce made from egg yolks

Bebe– baby

Bella- pretty

Belle – beautiful

Bernadette – brave as a bear             

Bijou – jewel

Blanche – white

Bonbon – candy

Brie – cheese

Brigitte – strong

Caroline – song of happiness

Cécile – blind

Céline – moon

Chantal – song

Chanel – fashion brand

Cherie– dear, beloved

Coco – coconut fiber

Coquette – flirt

Corinne – beautiful maiden

Delphine – dolphin

Desireé – desired

Dominique – belonging to the Lord

Éclair – pastry

Edith – riches or blessed

Élise – my God is an oath

Elle – She

Élodie – heritage

Eloise – healthy

Émilie – strive

Esmé –esteemed

Fantine – childlike

Felicite – lucky

Fifi – may

Fleur – flower

Frédérique – peaceful ruler

Fille – girl

Gabrielle – God is my strong man

Geneviève – Woman of the race

Gigi – God is gracious

Giselle – beautiful like the stars

Hélène – wife of King Sparta

Heloise – Healthy

Isabel – pledged to God

Jacqueline – Supplanter

Jeanette – little Jean

Jolie – pretty

Joséphine – may Jehovah add

Josette – Jehovah increases

Juliette – young

Libellule – dragonfly

Lili – lily flower

Lilo – air

Lisette – pledged to God

Lulu – famous warrior

Louise – renowned fighter

Lyonette – little lion

Madeleine – woman from Magdala or high tower

Marcelle – warlike

Margaux – pearl

Marguerite – daisy

Marie – sea

Mathilde – strong in war

Mignon – dainty

Monaco – city in Italy

Monique – wise

Nana – women

Nicolette – victory of the people

Odette – melodic

Papillon – butterfly

Parfait – perfect

Paris – capital of France

Patrice – Patrician

Paulette – humble

Pénélope – myth

Philippine – the country of Philippines

Renée – reborn

Rochelle – little rock

Sabine – woman of the Sabine people

Simone – hearkening

Soleil – sun

Sophie – wisdom

Suzanne – lily

Sylvie –forest

Thérèse – harvester

Valentine – Valentine Day

Valérie – strong

Violette – violet

Vivienne – lively

Yvette – archer

Cute French Girl Dog NamesCute French Girl Dog Names

Cute French Male Dog Names

Adrien– dark

Alexandre- defender Of the people

Alfred– great

Alphonse – noble, ready for battle

Amaury – work power

Andre – manly, masculine, and brave

Antoine – highly praiseworthy

Archibald – chief, master

Armand – warrior

Arnaud– eagle power

Aubin– white, bright

Beau– handsome

Beauregard– respected

Bruno– brown

Casanova– man who is passionate about women

Cezanne– the surname of famous French painter

Charles-free man

Chanceux– lucky

Christophe– bearer of Christ

Damien– to tame

Danton– praiseworthy

Devereaux– riverbank

Dominoe– domino

Édouard– Edward

Émile– industrious

Enzo– conquering

Étienne – crown

Fabien – a bean

Felix – lucky

Flâneur– aimless loafer

François – French

Franck – origin

Franco – French or relating to French

Frédéric– peaceful ruler

Garcon– boy

Gaston– guest, stranger

Gérard- brave with a spear

Gilles – name of a saint

Grégoire – Gregory

Guillaume- resolute protector

Guismo– Gizmo

Gustave – famous guest

Guy – fighter, guide

Henri – rules his household

Heureux – happy

Hugo– thought, mind, spirit

Jacques– James

Jean– the Lord is gracious

Julien– youthful

Laurent– from Laurentum

Rififi– trouble

Oliver– the olive tree

Pascal– one born on Easter Day

Perceval – pure and innocent

Philippe– Lover of horses

Pierre– rock

Rafale– gust of wind

Raoul– wolf-counsel

Rémy– oarsman

René – reborn

Reynard– strong counselor

Saville– temple

Sebastien– town name in the Philippines

Serge– fabric

Severin– severe

Stephane – the crown of glory

Theodore– God’s Gift

Theo– gift of God

Toulouse– the name of a French city

Tristan– bold or sad

Ulysse– Paris

Yves– yew

Louis– famous warrior

Luc– light

Lucie– bringer of light

Marc– coffee grounds

Marcel– little warrior

Matthieu– surname of French Matthieu

Maurice– dark-skinned

Marceau– warlike

Merle– blackbird

Milou– snowy

Noel– Christmas

Noir– black

Léon– brave as a lion

Marvel– to wonder or admire

The Cutest French Dog Names – Final Thoughts

Get the guidelines and rules to naming your dog the French way. Feminine, masculine, and gender-neutral, find the fitting French dog name for your new puppy. So, no more worrying about which name to give. It could be a crazy, out-of-the-box name, just choose the name you love and don’t worry about what people think.

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