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Marylebone Walk – FREE Self-Guided Marylebone Walking Tour & Map

Today I want to share A Lady in London’s free self-guided Marylebone walk and map with you. This part of central London is full of everything from famous shopping streets to leafy gardens and hidden mews. It’s one of the prettiest London neighborhoods, and it’s a great place to explore. My walking route will let you discover the best of Marylebone on foot. I hope you enjoy the journey.

Marylebone Walk

From Marylebone High Street to St Christopher’s Place, Manchester Square to Paddington Street Gardens, Marylebone is one of the most famous central London neighborhoods.

My favorite thing about this part of the UK capital is its mix of all the things I love about the city. From one of the best independent bookshops in London to great museums and amazing shops and markets, Marylebone has it all.

Marylebone Pub

Covering a beautiful part of the UK capital, my Marylebone walk is an ideal way to get into London’s shopping scene, explore pretty streets, eat and drink at unique restaurants and cafes, and indulge your inner culture lover.

Restaurant on Marylebone High Street in London

You can see more walks in the book London’s Hidden Walks, too. It’s for you if you like discovering the city’s under-the-radar areas. You can get it here.

I’ve also written a whole post about London walks books. You can take a look at it if you want more options.

Marylebone High Street Pub

Marylebone Walk Route

My self-guided Marylebone walking tour starts at Bond Street station. It’s centrally located and has good public transport links, so you can arrive by tube, bus, bike, or on foot from other parts of the city.

Start this Marylebone walk by exiting the station onto Oxford Street. Turn left and take in the energy of one of London’s most famous thoroughfares before making a right into the narrow passageway that is Gee’s Court.

Marylebone Shopping Street

This alley will transport you from the bustling atmosphere of Oxford Street to the hidden lanes of Marylebone. As you walk north up to St Christopher’s Place, you’ll pass some of the shops this part of London is known for.

Marylebone Street in London

When you get to the courtyard where Gee’s Court meets Barret Street and St Christopher’s Place, you can explore a bit before continuing north on pedestrianized St Christopher’s Place.

Here you’ll see more shops and restaurants as you walk up to Wigmore Street.

St Christophers Place, London

When you reach Wigmore Street, turn right, cross over where it’s safe, and continue your walk by turning left on Marylebone Lane. This street has even more shops, restaurants, and pubs. It’s a great place to soak up the local scene.

Marylebone pub in London

When you get to Hinde Street, turn left and walk west until you reach Manchester Square. This pretty place is home to the Wallace Collection, a free museum with a range of historic paintings, sculpture, furniture, and armor on display.

Wallace Collection in London

You can pop in if you want to, or continue your Marylebone walk by retracing your steps down Hinde Street and turning left to get back onto Marylebone Lane.

You’ll see more restaurants here, including famous places like Ottolenghi, The Golden Hind, and Le Relais de Venise L’Entrecote. They’re great places to stop if you need a mid-walk meal.

Restaurant on Marylebone Lane in London

Marylebone Lane will eventually curve around and meet Thayer Street. When it does, turn left, then take a quick right onto George Street.

You’ll soon come to Jacob’s Well Mews on your left. Duck through the archway and take a look around. There are beautiful buildings tucked away in this hidden spot.

Marylebone Mews

Once you’ve taken in the mews, head back out to George Street, turn right, then turn left onto Thayer Street and continue straight as it becomes Marylebone High Street.

This is one of the most beloved shopping streets in London, and it’s a great place to browse the best Marylebone shops. There are lots of good restaurants and cafes here if you need to take a break along the way, too.

Marylebone High Street Bar

When you reach Moxon Street, turn left. This road is famous for La Fromagerie, a beloved local cheese shop. It’s also home to the Marylebone Farmers’ Market, which takes place here and on neighboring Aybrook Street and St Vincent Street on Sundays.

Marylebone Shop

If the market is on, you can check out the stalls and head straight down Moxon Street to Paddington Street Gardens to enjoy your purchases.

Marylebone Farmers Market

If not, you can still walk around the gardens and take in the seasonal blooms.

Paddington Street Gardens, London

Once you’ve strolled through the green space, retrace your steps down Moxon Street to get back to Marylebone High Street. When you get there, turn left and continue your Marylebone walk by heading north.

There’s more great London shopping and restaurants to enjoy here, including the famous Daunt Books. It’s my favorite bookshop in the UK capital (and it’s on my literary walking tour of London if you want to do that one as well).

Daunt Books, London

When you reach the northern end of Marylebone High Street, turn left to walk into the courtyard of Marleybone Parish Church.

If it’s a Saturday, you might come across the Cabbages and Frocks Market, which features goods from up-and-coming designers and artisan makers. If not, you can still walk through the courtyard.

When you’ve finished taking in the market or the space, head back out onto Marylebone High Street, turn left to walk north, then take another left on Marylebone Road.

Marylebone High Street Restaurant

When you turn the corner you’ll see the Charles Dickens Memorial, a stone relief dedicated to the famous British writer and social critic. He once lived nearby at 1 Devonshire Terrace just down Marylebone High Street.

Once you’ve taken in the memorial, cross the street where it’s safe and continue your Marylebone walk by continuing west down Marylebone Road. You’ll soon pass the famous Madame Tussaud’s wax museum.

After crossing Allsop Place, keep right and walk up the ramp towards Baker Street station. You’ll spot a statue of Sherlock Holmes by sculptor John Doubleday here. It’s sits near the site of 221B Baker Street, the fictional detective’s address.

When you reach Baker Street, you can either turn right and walk up to visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum or continue your Marylebone walk by turning left to head south down Baker Street.

Sherlock Holmes Museum in London

When you get to Porter Street, turn left. This road will lead you to some of the eye-catching brick mansion blocks this area is known for.

Marylebone Building

When Porter Street meets Chiltern Street, turn right and walk all the way down until you reach Blandford Street. You’ll pass famous restaurants like Chiltern Firehouse as you go.

Chiltern Firehouse, London

When you get to Blandford Street, turn left, then take a right onto Manchester Street. You’ll soon notice the entrance to Manchester Mews on your left. It’s worth ducking in to see the houses and church inside.

Manchester Mews, Marylebone

Once you have, continue your Marylebone walk down Manchester Street until you reach George Street. Turn right, then take a left on Baker Street. It will lead you down to Portman Square. This green space is lined by high-end hotels and members’ clubs.

Turn right on Portman Square and continue straight as it becomes Upper Berkeley Street.

When you arrive at New Quebec Street, turn left. This road is packed with great places to eat and shop, including one of my favorite pubs, The Grazing Goat. It has rooms if you want to stay in the area, too. You can book one here.

When you get to Seymour Street, turn right, then take a left on Great Cumberland Place. This will lead you back to Oxford Street. Turn right on Oxford Street to get to the Marble Arch tube station. Your self-guided Marylebone walking tour ends here.

Restaurant in Marylebone, London

Marylebone Walk Details and Map

Marylebone Walks

I hope reading through my Marylebone walk has made you excited to see this part of central London. It’s a fun place to get into the heart of the city.

If you’re interested in doing more walks in the area, head over to my blog post about central London walks. You can see more self-guided London walking tours and maps on my post with all the ones I’ve created, too. Happy walking!

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