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Discova Opens Its Own Lounge at Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali


Why is this lounge such an exciting achievement for us? Our Regional Manager for Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Laos, Peter Christiansen, had the following to say about the opening:   

“We always strive to improve the experience of our clients’ travellers. Ever since Discova opened in Bali seven years ago, we have wanted to improve the way in which visitors here are welcomed, to immediately immerse them in the warmth and friendly atmosphere that has made the island so famous and loved. We want to make it memorable right from the get-go, and offer a completely smooth and stress-free arrival experience.  

Guests arriving will no longer have to search for their driver or guide: we await their arrival at the lounge, a cool drink and chilled towel is provided and within minutes, travellers are on their way to our private parking area and onwards to their accommodation. As part of this new lounge offering, we are working closely with Cross Hotels & Resorts – who own five properties in Bali and beyond – to allow travellers to check-in to their accommodation in the lounge itself. Upon arrival at their hotel, they can skip the usual reception check-in and carry on straight to their rooms.”

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